Scott Cheshire's 'High as the Horses Bridles'

Those who know Scott Cheshire know the sort of decency he exudes, a kind inseparable from that of a searcher who has seen the precipice and taken true gauge of its depths. High as the Horses’ Bridles is a torrential debut novel.  It’s bold.  It’s substantive.  It’s formally inventive.  From within the whirly circles of the NYC literary scene, it can sometimes appear that writers shun serious treatment of the day’s banner subjects, those scrolled across the country at large, even one as wide and clear and pervasive as evangelical Christianity. Are we daunted?  Over the span of centuries, stories have a way, it seems, of slipping into religious texts and leaving their individual authors behind.  This past Father’s Day (apropos, it turns out, for High as the Horses’ Bridles), I had the distinct pleasure of chatting by email with Scott.  We talked the Book of Revelation, humor, rewriting, and what science and faith might have to say to each other.  – J.T. Price

Read it at Electric Literature

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