A Conversation with David Abrams & Alex Gilvarry

Dear Reader,

Funny is powerful stuff in literature, but easy to botch.

So funny done well – funny with a soul, the potent, arm-whack-you-have-to-hear-this, new-image-tattooed-on-the-back-of-the-brain kind of funny, provocative funny — always gets the attention of the Discover selection committee readers.

Debut novelists and 2012 Discover picks David Abrams (Fobbit) and Alex Gilvarry (From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant) share a gimlet eye, the chops to make brutal absurdity feel immediate and real, and

the comic timing and outrageous imagination to illuminate often unpleasant emotional truths. They’ve created darkly funny novels, easily read as companion pieces, that compelled our selection committee readers to think long and hard about war and death, race and human rights.

Funny that challenges us to think, really think about the world and our places in it, well, that kind of funny is the kind that the Discover Great New Writers program seeks out

So here are David and Alex discussing what they learned at the movies, the literature of war, and satire’s reverberations, among other things…

(Read the full conversation here.)


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