It's Still New If You Haven't Heard of It

Dear Reader,

You’ll notice that many of our reviews in this issue are of books that were published not necessarily this week, but within the past year. Some readers may find this troublesome. A book review is supposed to be gathering the newest titles, not titles from six to eight months ago. But in our search for the best debuts around we found an endless amount of books–still new, at least to us–aching to be written about. Like Danielle Mastrogiacomo’s Days of Fear and Jake Silverstein’s Nothing Happened and Then It Did. Some were debuts that we thought had been neglected, some were second or third efforts that had received a fair amount of coverage, while others may have been considered too small for the pages of Sunday’s book review. We decided that a book didn’t need to have come out within the last six weeks to be considered in Tottenville Review. And we weren’t reinventing the wheel by saying this. Surely, other publications in print and online abide by the same rules. But to all the future contributors out there and to those authors who are their own publicists, who send us their books regularly, you are not irrelevant in the discussion. We’re here for you. Thanks for your support.


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