20 under 40: Joshua Ferris

Photo: The New Yorker

On his debut novel, Then We Came to the End

From The A.V. Club

“Once I had the voice, I knew I wasn’t going to fall off the bicycle. I tap right back into it. It really was like learning how to ride a bike—you never forget, and I was able to carry it along with some ease. I never encountered any stumping problems that left me not knowing what to do, so I was mostly able to hold my ground. Of course, I should mention that it took me a long time to actually acquire the voice; there were a lot of frustrated attempts along the way, revisions to long sections and versions of the book that I abandoned. So it took a long time, but once I had it, I had it.”

Read the full interview here.

Read his New Yorker “20 under 40” Interview.


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